Cattle Services

Herd Health/Consulting - Whether it is helping producers develop an individualized preventative medicine program including vaccine selection and parasite control or helping them work through a herd disease problem our doctors are here to be of service to our ranchers. Through on-farm consultation, evaluation of management situations, and use of laboratory testing we can work together to solve problems and improve your herd's productivity. Additional services offered include in-clinic BVD testing from ear notch or blood sample, Health Certificates, brand inspections, and Brucellosis vaccinations.

Reproductive Services - We offer a variety of bovine reproductive services including pregnancy determination (preg checking), bull breeding soundness examinations (semen testing), Trich testing, dystocia (calving problems), and assisting with estrus synchronization.

Surgery - Our doctors are trained in numerous surgical procedures including castration, caesarian sections (C-sections), vaginal prolapse repair (J-button or Buhner stitch), uterine prolapse repair, dehorning, hernia repair, and enucleation (eye removal).

Supplies - We stock a wide array of commonly used medications, vaccines and parasite control products. In addition we also carry a variety of livestock supplies such as: taggers, tags (fly or identifying), multi-dose syringes, disposable syringes, elastrators (bander), cattle prods, needles, and calving supplies. If we do not have what you want in-stock we can order it for you such as clippers, calf pullers, probiotics, electrolytes, and nutritional supplements.