Stray Dog Housing--Electric City & Grand Coulee

What To Do If Your Dog is Missing

Our area does not have an animal shelter as are found in other municipalities such as Moses Lake, Spokane, Wenatchee, Colville, and Okanogan. In order to assist the cities of Grand Coulee and Electric City with the handling of stray dogs, Grand Coulee Veterinary Clinic has an agreement to serve as an impound kennel for dogs from these towns. Stray dogs found within the limits of those cities have to be presented to the police department for official paperwork to be completed prior to our office providing housing. Dogs found outside of city limits are not covered under these agreements and must go to the shelter for the county in which they were found. Dogs found on the reservation (including Coulee Dam) are taken to the tribal shelter in Nespelem.

When a dog is found as a stray and presented to us we are obliged to hold the dog for 3 business days. During that time the city of origin pays the boarding cost for that dog to be in our care. The staff at Grand Coulee Veterinary Clinic does its' best to find the owner of that dog during the impound period. All dogs are scanned for microchip identification. If a collar with tags is present we use that information to help locate the owner. Postings are made on FaceBook to announce the dog's presence in our care. We even have concerned community members that help us post "found dog" announcements in locations such as the post office.

After the 3 business day holding period our agreements with the cities places the dog into the possession of our office. The city will pay the cost for euthanasia and disposal of that pet at that point. However, we have rarely euthanized a stray dog. Rather, our office, at our own expense, houses these dogs until an adoptive home can be found or transfer to another shelter can be arranged. We have been very successful in finding homes for stray dogs through word of mouth, social media and transfer to other shelters such as Grant County Animal Outreach and SpokAnimal. We have held dogs for up to two months as we work to find them a home, once again at our own expense, in order to avoid euthanizing a healthy animal.

We do our best to reunite pets with their owners but in most instances owners never present themselves or present themselves after the pet has been adopted or transferred. It is always a difficult situation when the owner presents after adoption or transfer. We do our best to remedy the situation but in most cases that is difficult if not impossible to do. So, if you live in Grand Coulee or Electric City and have a lost dog, the first thing you should do is contact the police department to see if your dog was brought through their office. If you are from Coulee Dam or elsewhere on the reservation please contact tribal authorities to see if your dog is in their shelter. Please have your pet clearly identified either with a collar and tags or, better yet, a permanent identification microchip. That way we can all avoid the heartache of a missing pet.